Agile and flexible e-commerce

Saleor is a headless, GraphQL-first e-commerce platform that gives you the most flexible and future-proof way of building your e-commerce. Saleor e-commerce API lets you integrate your favorite CRM, CMS, shipping and fulfillment service, along with technologies of tomorrow like voice search. Create a sleek microservices architecture that speeds up development and improves stability.

Speed and scale

Operate faster and with more scalability than traditional sites. Saleor Cloud frees you up from managing your infrastructure and our robust GraphQL API eliminates over-fetching and under-fetching in the front-end architecture.

Front-end freedom

Headless e-commerce and GraphQL lets you decouple the front and back ends of your store. Free up your developers so they can deliver amazing experiences, ultra-fast. Build more efficiently with Saleor`s powerful PWA storefront written in ReactJS.

  • Fully customize your checkout with total design freedom
  • Integrate your checkout with third party features like abandoned carts
Multiple versions

Improve user experience. Test the performance of different versions of your storefront to make informed business decisions from actionable data.

Improved stability

Isolate different features of your store with microservices architecture, so bugs and breaches don’t affect your whole system.

Services integration

The modern internet is built on service-based architecture. The Saleor e-commerce API readies your products for consumption by external services such as Snapchat and Instagram.

You were once limited to clunky monoliths ... But the shift from traditional e-commerce platforms to headless commerce solutions can empower store owners to create the custom e-commerce systems they and their customers need.

Tom Popomaronis, Inc.com feature article

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Our e-commerce API offers a faster and more scalable approach than traditional sites. Saleor helps you stay ahead of the curve.

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