Core Functionalities

Extensibillity above all else, batteries included. Building complex e-commerce systems should be fun, open, standards-based, but also fast. Both our best-in-class GraphQL API and our Dashboard (built as a Saleor API client) are well-equipped to drive your growth while keeping your day-to-day workflows and operators sane and happy.

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Global operations made easy
Multiple channels

Go truly omni-channel and create channels to represent countries, markets, social media platforms, or create branded stores with limited subsets of your product catalog.

Multiple currencies

Each channel can be assigned a different currency, and product prices can be set for each channel independently.

Multiple warehouses

Use warehouses to represent your fulfillment centers or brick and mortar stores and assign them to channels to control where orders are fulfilled from.

Global address validation

Use our address validation feature to automatically build address forms suitable for any place around the globe, ensuring all shipping addresses conform to the local regulations.

Powerful product configuration
Flexible product types

Sell simple and configurable products with multiple variants accross different channels and in different currencies. Handle digital and physical inventory.

Pages, attributes, meta-data

Model your products with no limits. Provide rich descriptions, assign various attributes and set both private and public meta-data to enable beautiful product pages.

Unlimited product attributes

Offer a wide range of product types without limitation. Saleor configures to your inventory.

Collections and categories

Group similar products for display and sale to increase order values.

SEO optimization

Create SEO-friendly content for products, collections, and categories.

Multi-warehouse inventory

Track stock levels across multiple locations. Edit multiple products simultaneously. Check all out-of-stock items in seconds.

CSV enablement

Import and export product data to Google and Excel to aid business decisions.

Internalisation and localisation

Saleor’s dashboard architecture is already available in 30+ languages.

Translations module

Create multiple local language versions of your dynamic content straight from the dashboard.

Cross-border fulfillment

Sell across borders and ship your products around the world.


Avalara and Vatlayer integrations cover tax calculations in major markets.

Order management
Multi-carrier shipping

Let clients choose between multiple carriers and delivery methods. Set separate rates for different countries.

Multiple fulfillments

Split orders into multiple shipments retaining control over the full lifecycle of your orders.

Draft orders

Create dummy or actual orders to deal with inventory and customer service issues.

Refunds, returns, and replacements

Handle and document refunds and returns directly on the order fulfillment page.

Cart and checkout
Payment integration

Collect payments using global providers like Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe.

Worldwide taxes

Avalara and Vatlayer integrations cover tax calculations in major markets.

Sales and vouchers

Create sales and vouchers in a dedicated dashboard module and drive conversion rates.

Full checkout control

Choose the right flow and steps for your store. Create a single page or separate steps for your checkout process.

Storefront design
Front-end freedom

Build whatever front end works for your business, in the technology you choose.


Easily connect to the API without worrying about the details.

Total customization

Utilize our state-of-the-art PWA template or simple front-end SDK to build your e-commerce, your way.

Multi-device readiness

Saleor is created for the PWA era. You don’t need to refactor or implement mobile apps for multi-device experiences.

Headless development

Decouple the front and back end to start your storefront design as soon as you like.

Ultra-fast with PWA

PWA is the fastest technology for any e-commerce. No downtime and no more Magento load times and buffering.

Back office
Rich content editing

Add rich content to your products and create beautiful pages.

Public and private metadata

Store additional information about products, orders, etc., for easy programmatic access.

Role-based access control

Manage access privileges by assigning staff members to role-based permission groups.

GDPR ready

Comply with major data protection laws and give customers peace of mind.

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