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and the most future-proof strategy for any brand viewing technology, extensibility and openness as vital for revolutionary customer experiences.

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First Steps

For more details please read our documentation or go directly to saleor-platform README

Clone Saleor's repo
git clone --recursive --jobs 3cd saleor-platformdocker-compose build
Apply database migrations:
docker-compose run --rm api python3 migratedocker-compose run --rm api python3 collectstatic --noinput
# Finally, create yourself an admin account:docker-compose run --rm api python3 createsuperuser
# Populate the database with sample data and create the admin user:docker-compose run --rm api python3 populatedb --createsuperuser
Note: Please use the following credentials to log in to your account: / admin
A modern stack

Saleor is powered by a GraphQL server running on top of Python 3 and a Django 2 framework. Both the storefront and the dashboard are React applications written in TypeScript and use Apollo GraphQL. Strict quality checks and reviews make the code easy to read and understand. High test coverage ensures it's also safe to deploy in a continuous manner.

Build to scale

Easily serve millions of products and thousands of customers. Saleor is optimized for cloud deployments using z allows Saleor to take advantage of platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud and adapt to your traffic.Multi-container deployments allow your software to scale without downtimes. Persistent GraphQL Queries take advantage of CDN to ensure fast performance under even the heaviest of loads.

Easy to customize

Saleor is designed for change. Automate any process like ordering, shipping or payment to the specific requirements of your business with an open source platform that is easy to adapt and extend. Create a bespoke store with your team in charge.

Open Source
Composable Commerce

Saleor Core API

The most comprehensive commerce GraphQL API available. Spend 80% of the time on the 20% of the parts that make your e-commerce unique - building the right experiences, while our API will take care of the rest.

Learn more about Saleor's core concepts from our developer's documentationRun your first API queries using Saleor's GraphQL Explorer

Saleor Dashboard

One thing we truly love at Saleor is good UX. Comfort and efficiency of the stuff taking care of daily e-commerce chores is one of our priorities. Saleor comes with a fully-featured management console built directly on top of Saleor's Commerce API.

See demo

Saleor Storefront Starters

Start exploring Saleor with our React, Next.js, Apollo GraphQL, and Tailwind CSS storefront starter pack. Check out other storefronts available to learn and experiment with our API and various modern front-end frameworks.

Write Saleor Integrations

Start building Saleor's extensions in no time. With one of our starter packs and Saleor CLI.

See available integrations
⚡️ Start writing your own application in minutes with Saleor CLI

To bootstrap your first storefront run:
npx saleor storefront create --demo

Under the hood

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Join our open source community and gain access to core contributors, track the latest updates, and join in the discussion.

Saleor tutorial

Saleor Tutorial

Check out the fastest way to get through the most important Saleor concepts, topics, and notions!

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