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Ultra-fast, cross-device, and offline-ready e-commerce experiences out of the box.
React Storefront
It's only a matter of time before PWAs become the new standard for web interactions, just as responsive design has become the norm rather than the exception.

Jason Wong, Gartner Research Director

High engagement

Unmatched Speed

Build your own PWA with the frontend platform of your choice or use Saleor’s new React Storefront project as a jumping off point. Either way, put an end to long load times.

53% of users abandon sites that take more than 3 seconds to load… but the average load time for a non-PWA mobile page is 19 seconds.

Customer engagement

20% lower bounce rates. 25% higher page views. PWA allows you to build more effective and engaging sites on any browser.

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quicker time to checkout

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increase in revenue per visit

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greater conversion rate

Native functionalities

Push notifications, access from the device home screen, and full-screen experiences. Use a PWA to build deeper on and offline relationships with your customers.

Lower development costs

80% of native apps are uninstalled within the first week. Can you afford to build something your customers don’t use? Easy-to-build PWA sites require no installation and signal the end of the everything-as-an-app era.

Anywhere, any device, any time

PWAs offer total, global coverage so you never miss an opportunity to deliver a great customer experience.

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100% responsive design calibrates to any device

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Online and offline browsing and buying

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Combine online and in-store experiences with push notifications

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