Saleor CLI Telemetry

To optimise your experience and make sure we invest our time and effort accordingly, we would like to collect the most basic and fully anonymous information around your preferred ways of using Saleor CLI tool and our Cloud. Such basic telemetry will help us calibrate our roadmap but also verify some of the choices we've made.

What do we collect

Our goal is to understand the usage of our CLI and cloud environments better. Your privacy and security is our top priority and we track all the data fully anonymously so they cannot be tracked back to the source. The data that we collect make only sense in aggregated form.

We collect the following pieces of information:

  • Command invoked
  • Environment type: sandbox vs. production
  • The version of Saleor run within the environment
  • Information about which plugins are enabled within the environment

An example of our telemetry event looks like this:

	source: "CLI", // in the future other telemetry sources?
	payload: {
		command: "env list",
		environment: "production",
		version: "3.1.0",
		plugins: []

Possible type (to be removed later)

type TelemetrySource = "CLI" | "...";

interface Telemetry {
	source: TelemetrySource
	payload: {
		command: string // always required
		environment?: string // optional
		version?: string
		plugins: string[]

Our CLI tool is also open-source so you can check the above details in our GitHub repository here.

Sensitive data

No sensitive data such as tokens (or any other data other than the one listed in the `What do we collect` section) is being collected

How to opt-out

You may disable our telemetry by running the following command:

saleor telemetry disable

To bring telemetry back use:

saleor telemetry enable

You can also check the status with:

saleor telemetry status

Thank you! Let's make Saleor the most open, efficient, and dev-friendly e-commerce experience out there, together!